5 Mobile Games You Can Play Anywhere Without Internet.

Mobile games have more fun with the internet than in the past. However, these games don’t require internet so you can continue to have fun even when your internet connection is slow or unavailable.


Alto’s Odyssey offers the best way to relax and unwind without straining your fingers. The metro has a relaxing background music and soft visuals that make it difficult to tell where it came from.

Altos Odyssey


Into the Dead 2 is the sequel to the action-shooter Into the Dead. It offers seven chapters and 60 levels full of breathtaking story and adventure. Multiple endings are possible in the story of your struggle to save your sister or daughter.

Into The Dead 2


Football fans assemble! There are many football games available in the mobile store, but they are limited when there is no internet. Flick Soccer 22 features beautiful graphics, challenging missions, and realistic physics.

Flick Soccer 22


The Asphalt games are very popular and always entertaining. Nitro is a great time-passing title with its unique gameplay features and low memory requirements. The game’s 125 levels seem to be the longest in length and can take up most of your time while you are at work or school.

Asphalt Nitro


Traffic Rider was released in 2015, when I was still in high school. It’s still fun to drive on the roads in my spare time, as I used to play the game on the bus back from school. You can not only avoid traffic by acceleration, but you can also challenge yourself with missions.

Traffic Riders

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