Eternal Evolution Pre-Registers on Google Play

by Ethan Taylor, Saturday, 16 July 2022 (3 months ago)

Eternal Evolution is your best strategy mobile IDLE RPG for 2022! Pre-registration has started. Download now from Google Play and register. Get early access to the game.

Get it now and lead your heroes in the endless universal arena to crush all the enemies on the battlefield and make your legends!

Eternal Evolution News

Hero Arena

Summon tons of Terran and Atlas heroes to fight in the many legendary battles this sci-fi universe has to offer. You can train and evolve the heroes of your adventure, and then unleash their abilities strategically and freely willingly to eliminate any enemies. Finally, you will be able to control the arena battle status!

Eternal Evolution New Game

Infinite Battleground

Even if your AFK player is there, the battle for resource raids will not end in Eternal Evolution. This allows heroes to evolve and become stronger all the time. Use your smart strategy to send the right heroes against various enemies in this endless battlefield!

Eternal Evolution Google Play

Fantasy Hero World

With amazing animations and original sound effects, you’ll feel like a Commander in sci-fi! Enjoy fantasy-based fights with your friends! By tapping the fight button, you can embark on an endless exciting adventure of daredevil!

Evolution is just the beginning of an endless adventure. Start your evolution myth today!

Eternal Evolution is compatible with Android OS 6.0+ and RAM 2G+.

No sharing of data with third parties

According to the developer, this app does NOT share user data with any other companies or organizations.

Eternal Evolution Google Play Store

Data security

You can find more information from the developer about the data that this app can gather and share, as well as the security measures it uses here. Data applications may differ depending on the version of your app, how you use it, where you live, and what age you are.

Eternal Evolution Game News

The eternal light you seek is in the adventure

Realtime strategic mobile card game, bring you onto the everlasting journey till the deep universe. Pre-register now